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Established in 2001, Nomensa are a strategic digital design agency that combines expertise in psychology, interaction design and technology to transform digital experiences. 

Our offices across Bristol, London and Amsterdam house 100 of the brightest, most talented minds in the industry who work hard to understand people and the emotional response to design. Our team work collaboratively to push the boundaries of possibility to solve challenges, discover opportunities and work in partnership with our clients to drive commercial value.

We combine insight, expertise and innovation in a way that enables us to think bigger. We answer challenging problems and find opportunities that go beyond initial thinking to create exciting digital interactions.

The Nomensa team have a genuine passion for what they do. We eat, sleep and breathe our ethos of ‘humanising technology’ and pride ourselves in using an evidence based approach and delivering measurable results.

We believe human experience is everything and this philosophy is shared by an extensive range of high profile clients. We enable our clients to both realise and fulfil their visions, equipping them with solutions that integrate and refine human centred design techniques. As a result organisations such as Sky, The National Trust, Royal Mail and Liberty Global, as well as other leading brands put their trust in Nomensa, not just to design or improve an online experience, but to transform it.